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Meetings for Civilization Without Money

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The second meeting was on 2014/04/19 at
Espace Citoyen - 12 avenue Jean Mermoz - 69008 - LYON

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A civilization without money? Return to barter or the Stone Age?

Growth of monetary benefits all economies of the world today depend.

Economists and governments therefore seek the support, while wiping his social and ecological damage.

We stand against the idea that the use of money is the end of history. It is a human construction.

Our research implies that its abolition in all areas, require much courage it took to abolish feudalism, slavery, submission to the clergy, the contempt of the female gender.

Currently, the technology and knowledge are available, but in the service of the market economy. It can be used for anything else! We now have all the tools and skills needed to do without money.

Stop the killing of human and ecological economic wars to finally build a civilization promising.

But beyond the "rhetoric" and impressions of utopia, how does one actually to build a civilization without money?

Multiple answers, practical experiences, communicating his ideas, expose contradictions, do not be fooled, but ... forward is the purpose of these "encounters a civilization without money."

They will explore, without hiding the difficulties, the advantages to abolish the use of money, without being condemned to barter - the first thing that comes!
They in examples taken from everyday life, without claiming to provide ready-made solutions.

Come refresh your beliefs. And you realize that abolishing the currency is not utopia, but the emergency.

The transition to the abolition of the currency is not reducible to a party, it is a bias.

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